Since 2010, we've helped technology startups prepare for investment and develop their scale-up plans. Take advantage of our WISE Programme.

WISE programme

Designed for you: with our established mentors and investors group, we ensure support for your business to grow

Our in-house accelerator, the WISE Programme, is a fundamentally unique investment-readiness programme that combines an experiential approach with focused learning.

The programme is centred around startups working directly with sector experts through focused mentorship and guidance across key business topics, working together to ultimately build stronger and more robust investment propositions.

You’ll have access to mentors based at Innovation Warehouse, who will work with you to build a strong proposition that will increase your chances of securing investment. Our expertise and knowledge supports access to funding, particularly for companies with solid intelligent, technical solutions and strong IP.

A series of rolling workshops is held weekly at Innovation Warehouse attended by members of our Investor Network, which founders are welcome to join at any time.

Are you:
– A UK-registered business
– Ambitious
– At MVP with early traction stage
– At scale-up stage
– Working with a great team that can execute a business plan

* There is no set time to apply and enrol, as WISE is a rolling programme. You can apply online now and, following an interview with two of the mentors, join the programme within a week or whenever you feel ready. *

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How it works

You will have your own set of mentors – normally one industry and one investment expert – and you can call on them at any time for support and guidance.

First step of the induction into the programme will be to make a development plan with your mentors, part of which will be to decide your key pain-points and a strategy to accelerate growth. You’ll be given a set of pre-workshop tasks which address the key areas of the investment proposition. At each workshop you join, you’ll present your tasks to the room for constructive feedback.

You don’t have to take office space in the Innovation Warehouse, although if you join the WISE programme you’ll have a discounted rent. Most of our mentors are part or full-time based in the coworking space, so it will be easier and faster to reach them if you’re also based here.

Startups are expected to demonstrate to potential investors a comprehensive in depth understanding of all the due diligence areas. When everyone is happy with the status of the documents and plans, you are ready to move onto the next stage.

Stage 1

Weekly workshops every Thursday morning in Farringdon

Market – Identifying your target market and evaluating your access to that market. You’re ambitious, so is your market big enough for you?

Route to Market – What makes your idea different and why should anyone buy your product or service? We will put this aspect of your business under the microscope

Product Market Fit – Do you know what your customers want? How will you adapt to fluctuations in demand?

Team – Do you have the right team to deliver and successfully scale your business? How can you attract and retain the best people

Targets & Business Model – A thorough examination of your company’s business model, financial targets and how you will defend your USP

Sales – Establishing whether your company has a clearly differentiated sales proposition and what will drive sales

Investment Proposition – Why should an investor give you money? Assessing the amount of investment you need to grow and the quality of your company’s earnings

Pitching – We know all about pitching, as we see hundreds of them every year. Learn how to capture and inform in the short time you have available when talking to a potential investor

Get Ready for Investment

With any great new idea it is important to get things moving as quickly as possible. The timing of the second stage can vary from two months to nine. We’ll be there with you every step of the way!

– 1-2-1 mentoring regarding fundraising and discussions with potential investors

– Assistance with finding a partners and closing leads within the UK

– Assistance with the due diligence process and investor negotiations

– Preparing the necessary documentation

Stage 2

Got to this point? You’re ready to meet investors and raise the finances you need to grow your business. At this stage, we’ll:

– Make introductions to angel and seed investors in our network

– Facilitate follow-up meetings and further engagement with interested parties

– Potentially lead the investment deal if board of Innovation Warehouse Capital decides to invest

– Assist in closing the investment round

“Life doesn’t end on Demo Day!”, the saying goes. We believe it also doesn’t end when investment is raised. We maintain a relationship with all our startups and we’ll be ready to continue helping you when needed and maybe even redo the process once you’re ready for your next raise.

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Mentoring at Innovation Warehouse includes access to knowledge and experience, along with advice and signposting. Every mentor has an area of expertise where they can work with you to achieve the maximum output from your business.

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More Support

We partner with programmes that range from informal coaching to structured training programmes. Each programme has a unique structure that is tailored to meet the companies ambitious requirements.

Accelerator Academy is an accelerator programme hosted and supported by Innovation Warehouse. With a focus on early stage startups, the Accelerator Academy is an established 12-week, high-growth training and mentoring programme for ambitious digital entrepreneurs looking to grow their business. The programme ‘market tests’ business models, to give entrepreneurs the best chance of success and investor readiness. To find out more about Accelerator Academy or to apply for a place on the next semester, please click here.

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