by Mark Selby, 28 August 2019

Graduate Analyst Role

This role is split into two parts: the investment side and the operations side.

Investment – Innovation Warehouse Cap Ltd

  • Grow and expand deal flow of startups to be considered for investment.
  • Attend events, pitch sessions and networking functions to increase Innovation Warehouse presence & develop industry relationships.
  • Be involved in research and due diligence for companies that are being considered for investment.
  • Manage and communicate with Innovation Warehouse investor base.
  • Expand investor base. Typical investors include angels, family offices, seed funds and VCs.
  • Manage and update all Innovation Warehouse trackers on a weekly basis.
  • Run Innovation Warehouse weekly pitch session for selected investors and companies and coordinate post-event.
  • Support managers on deal flow selection, take calls/meetings and write brief reports for the investment team.

Operations – Innovation Warehouse coworking

  • Manage Innovation Warehouse member invoicing
  • Understanding of the Innovation Warehouse book keeping
  • Support other members on sales/marketing


£21,000 – £25,000 – based on experience.

If you would like to apply for this role, please email us with your CV and application letter.

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