Ideal for early-stage entrepreneurs; community and investor network, book meeting rooms, attend technology and business events, access to a 150 mbps Wifi connection, use of Innovation Warehouse as your registered address and a mailbox.

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Ideal for fast growing teams, The Hive – permanent desking area gives you access to all the benefits of the Hot Desking membership, plus your own desk where you can bring equipment, install a phone, access to the kitchen, storage, extra meeting rooms available, wired Internet connection. Optional 24/7 access.

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Our Members have access to all our startup support activities, our resident Angel Network, Seed Investment Fund, Business Accelerators, Mentoring and Events. Visit us to see the space and select the membership option that fits your startup best.

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Coworking, private offices, hot desking and event space in the heart of Farringdon

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Hot Desking

£ 150P/M + VAT

Open plan desks
  • Admission up to 10 days a month
  • High speed WiFi
  • Storage solutions
  • Discounted prices for meetings rooms

Semi Permanent

£ 250P/M + VAT

Semi-Fixed Desks
  • Admission from Monday to Friday from 8am
  • Discounted prices for meetings rooms
  • High speed wifi
  • Storage solutions
  • Use of our online community listing

The Hive

£ 350 P/M + VAT

Fixed Desk
  • All of this +
  • Permanent desk area
  • Private hive kitchen
  • Optional 24/7 access
  • Additional meeting rooms
  • Mentorship & investment opportunities
  • Use of IW as your registered address

Special offers

10% referral offer for a 3-month period for both the existing & new company. This offer works for Hive desks, hot-desks and semi-permanent membership options as well as private offices.
If you have any questions, please email
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Ready to join? Simply complete the Application Form and let us know when you’d like to visit us. We’ll then schedule a time to meet and get going from there. You can also have a free trial day to make sure we’re the tech startup community you’re looking for. On the first day of your joining, we’ll get you comfortable at a desk, make a contract and send you a Welcome Pack.

Things to know: There is no joining fee; Hot Desking at Innovation Warehouse and Hive at Innovation Warehouse prices exclude VAT; and all membership options are priced on a per person, per month basis. Download the London Coworking options in PDF


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Check out our FAQs below
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Innovation Warehouse provides meeting rooms to all members. There are 7 rooms in total, out of which 5 can be used by the entire community and 2 are specifically reserved for permanent desk (Hive) members.

Innovation Warehouse has a number of meeting rooms that are available to book on a fair usage policy (1 hr per company is allocated free of charge daily, subject to availability). Usage which falls outside the 1 hr free quota  will be subjected to a booking fee (£10+VAT for every additional hour used, £15+VAT for the Boardroom).

Is it possible to book a meeting room in advance through the form on our Events page.

As an Innovation Warehouse Hive member you have your own permanent desk, internet access and fair use access to the meeting rooms. Hive members have 24/7  access to Innovation Warehouse providing they are First Aid Certified (the qualification entitles you to become a key holder). Other facilities include private Kitchen for Hive member and lavatories.

Other services may be offered as long as they are functional, but they will be charged for as they will be unique to each company. Our business model aims to help you grow and therefore we try to create the right environment and provide the best facilities unique to each company to help them prosper.

Innovation Warehouse hosts many networking events as we build the vibrant community and as a resident you will either gain free access to these events or at a discounted rate. Hive members have access to in-house investors, mentors & opportunities.

Please see the membership section for pricing details. Providing you stick to our generous fair use policy, there are no hidden charges. If you need something over and above the basic services we will try and accommodate you, however we may have to charge for specific requests.

We will issue a monthly invoice in advance and we ask you to settle your account each month by direct debit.

There is no long term tenancy agreement for hot-desking and permanent shared desking areas. All we ask is that you sign a simple one-page agreement and commit on a month-by-month basis, paying upfront for each month that you’re with us. If you decide to leave, you need to give 1 month notice. No part months and no refunds.

All members pay 1 month deposit at the start of the contract, this is returned at the end of contract if there are no debts or damages to Innovation Warehouse’ belongings.

Permanent Hive Members & Hot Desk Members who have paid for usage for more than 10 days a month, can have 24/7  access as long as they are key holders.

In order to be a key holder, member’s should have a First Aid Certificate. This can be arranged through the Innovation Warehouse.

Normal hours for non key holders are from 8:00 am onwards, Monday to Friday. The reception is open from  8:00 am to 6:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

As this is a coworking space with an open plan working  area, expect there to be low levels of noise although we encourage all our members to be considerate towards fellow members. The meeting rooms  and cafe area should be used when making conference or phone calls in order keep the coworking environment as productive and focused as possible.

Members can use the Innovation Warehouse address as their registered business address in order to receive post. This service may incur additional charges so please discuss this with the Innovation Warehouse team before use. All members should forewarn reception of any special delivery or couriered items. There is also a limited outbound postal system (1st class envelopes only), but no franking service is available.

Today. You can turn up with your laptop, connect to the internet and get started, becoming a member instantly. For permanent desks, it’s ideal to check availability before, but we’ll entail to find a temporary solution for you until we can fully accommodate your needs.

We offer coworking, hot desking, shared office and permanent desk options. If you are an aspiring high growth tech company, definitely yes, Innovation Warehouse is the place to be. If you’re a lifestyle business, you may enjoy the vibrancy, but you might not get the full benefit.Innovation Warehouse is most suitable for companies with the intention of growing their business into something significant. Those growing a business will benefit from being surrounded by those of a similar mindset who are also growing and focused on developing, building and delivering.In addition our mentors, investors and growth agents will be keen to support. Our weekly Pitch Days sessions are a unique way to bring accountability and also facilitate discovery of who is doing what.

Innovation Warehouse building has access control. Permanent members with a First Aid Certification can have 24/7 access to the space. We maintain a strong and trustworthy relationship with the members and take all security measures we can, but we advise that all members take valuables home each day or lock them away in lockable cabinets, which are available to all members at a small fee. We cannot and do not take any responsibility for any lost or stolen valuables. Each member needs to arrange for their own insurance for possessions.

Innovation Warehouse is a community and a shared space. As a Hot-desking member you have access to a shared desks space, shared cafe/ communal area and shared WiFi access. As a Hive member you have a dedicated desk, a shared dedicated Internet access and a shared cafe/communal area.

Our intention is to set the pricing for the facilities such that Innovation Warehouse reinvests any profit, the reinvestment program will be decided by the community. Therefore we have a generous fair use policy for Internet access and meeting rooms.

Internet Access

In the interest of everyone Innovation Warehouse requests that companies do not use the internet access for running their service on or over. It is suitable for Internet access, email, file upload and download and limited video streaming.

Meeting Rooms

We have limited meeting rooms and they are for everyone at Innovation Warehouse. As meeting rooms are in high demand we ask that members do not block book a meeting room unless necessary. Ask a team member about the latest terms and conditions on the fair use policy of meeting rooms.

Should a member continually breach this fair use policy we hold the right to ask for a penalty payment or we can ask the member to leave Innovation Warehouse. Usually, the community self-regulates.

Innovation Warehouse houses a wide range of companies and whilst it is the responsibility of each company to guard and protect confidential information there is also a level of professionalism expected from all individuals to look out for and guard others data and information.It is unacceptable to poach others’ staff or employees and/or clients. Innovation Warehouse will not be held Liable under any circumstance.

The atmosphere is vibrant, friendly and professional. There is a reassuring ‘buzz’ and plenty of opportunities to socialise and network. Most importantly, Innovation Warehouse is a productive working environment. As far as we are concerned, the most important thing you can be doing is growing your business.

Innovation Warehouse does not provide direct technical support, but the team is approachable at any point regarding any issue. As this is a coworking community all members are encouraged to lend a hand and help resolve any issues raised. We do not offer hosting, phone lines, dedicated lines, but these services are permitted if they are arranged by the members.