Innovation Warehouse (re)Branding – Brand Architecture

by Bianca Anason, 5 June 2013

Over the past few weeks we’ve been clarifying our Brand Architecture. It’s a combination of our services, our core principles and essence. This includes the Community and how they feed into our brand.

By far the most surprising outcome from this exercise has been how true the Innovation Warehouse founders have kept to the original idea. I can vouch for this. Early on in my internship with Innovation Warehouse back in 2010, Ami spoke about what the place and a community would accomplish. Most of what Innovation Warehouse is today is the realisation of that vision.

Seeing your vision through from idea to fruition, is not an easy undertaking. As a startup founder it can be difficult to stay true to your original vision, whether it’s because you see a bigger opportunity if you made a slight pivot or your investors guide you in another direction. Whatever the reason, make sure you’ll be okay with the decision in the longrun.

Our current pivot is increasing our branding and customer communication. Hopefully the move gets us closer to the strategic vision of Innovation Warehouse and a larger thriving startup community – within Innovation Warehouse and the new cities in which we also open.

A full breakdown of our Brand Architecture can be read in Peter Thomson’s latest blog post. He and Klaus have done a fantastic job at helping us bring together everything that’s happened in the past 2 years, from the day Innovation Warehouse opened it’s doors above Smithfield Market to the present.