Join in on the Startup Rally road trip for European entrepreneurs and startups this August

by Bianca Anason, 11 July 2013

The London startup community has grown rapidly these past couple of years. During this time other thriving startup communities across Europe have developed as well. Unfortunately, we don’t often hear enough about them and it’s time we did!

Innovation Warehouse has partnered with Startup Rally, a startup pitching competition and full-fledged car rally across 9 European cities, to support local entrepreneurial communities and high-growth startups.

We will be awarding all Startup Rally winners co-working space at Innovation Warehouse London for up to 6-months, mentorship, and the opportunity to pitch for Angel investment. The aim is to provide hands-on support to the selected startups and increase their chances for global success.

If you’re based in or near Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Munich, Zurich, Paris and (of course) London – I highly encourage getting involved.

You can join the rally at any point throughout the road trip, but you do need to apply in advanced. There’s a selection process for startups who want to pitch. If you’re interested in attending the local events, but not pitching, there’s no need to apply just rsvp directly with the venue or email Startup Rally to secure your ticket.

If you’re selected as a local winner – We look forward to having you join the IW Community. If you’re a participant in Startup Rally and are not awarded a prize, do reach out to us and well help where we can.

Startup Rally is a great opportunity to meet entrepreneurs from across Europe, learn about other thriving communities and potentially discover a new market for your product (if you already have a product). It’s also likely to be a great road trip and provide stories for a lifetime (maybe even some stories that are only funny years later).

Get in touch and stay updated through Twitter: Innovation Warehouse (@IWuk, @IWLondon), Startup Rally (@StartupRallyOrg)

See you in August!