Olocode Launches Device Agnostic Contact Sharing Platform

by Innovation Warehouse, 8 August 2014

Excited to announce that Innovation Warehouse resident startup Olocode has released its contact sharing service to solve contact chaos.

Olocode Streamlines Contact Information Updates, while Maintaining the Human Touch

The Olocode platform, available through the Olocode website, email and mobile applications, allows users to privately share their latest contact details through the use of a six-character code: an Olocode.  It will also notify followers of changes to their location, address, social profiles and other contact details. This allows anyone, user or otherwise, to always stay current on another user’s information.

“People change jobs, so often, and when you need to contact them again you’re not always able to reach them,” said Pierre Brais, co-founder of Olocode. “Today’s business cards take too long to type out and end up in the trash or your contact details get old and stale, leaving a broken system for staying in touch. We wanted to come up with a solution that allows each of us to regain control by simplifying contact sharing and updating. Something that works with whatever you have andsaves you time and effort when things change.”

To utilise Olocode, users create their own digital contact card along with a unique code, which they can use to share contact details in a simple and private way. The code can be shared on a business card, email signature or over the phone.

Olocode features include the following:

• Simple sharing of contact details. Olocode is a quick and simple way to share contact details with a simple code. It avoids your followers having outdated contact information.

• Selective following and notification of updates. Olocode allows users to follow and be followed so they can selectively notify their followers of any changes to their information.

• Self-updating address book. By providing a self-updating address book in the cloud, Olocode ensures users have a secure and private way to manage and access their contacts at any time.

• Device agnostic. As Olocode is not technology dependent, it works with all platforms and all mobile devices. It complements whatever contact management system the user is already using.

Olocode can also be used through an app for Android smartphones with which users can easily create new contact information by taking a photo of any business card. The information on the card is then typed for you for free and available both on the users’ phone and in the cloud-based address book, making it easily accessible from any device.

“Increasingly, the world is moving faster,” said Giuliano Giovannetti, co-founder of Olocode. “We have to make sure we can reach the people we care about when we need them.This is what Olocode is all about — keeping people close.”

Olocode is immediately available for use at www.olocode.com and has free apps available for download in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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