Innovation Warehouse: On the Hoof!

Innovation Warehouse: On the Hoof!

by Mark Selby, 10 March 2020

The Investment Opportunities Newsletter from Innovation Warehouse – direct from our workspace above London’s historic Smithfield Meat Market.

So far 2020 has shown more investor appetite than the last quarter of 2019. Coronavirus aside, we can only hope that no new ‘black swans’ emerge to dampen sentiment.

Time to book places for our next Scale-Up investment event of 2020 on 19th March 18:00 – 20:00.

Four interesting companies will present on day from Seed+ to Series A2.

To register interest please email:

Some of the things we like this month

JAFA know everything there is to know about football fan’s likes and dislikes. Their sentiment-gathering intelligence provides valuable insights for some of the leading clubs’ marketing teams. We reckon Troy Dini’s a genius, you can have that for nuffin’…

Clear Glass provide transparency in the pension and asset management industry. They digitally collect cost and performance data from asset managers from their pension scheme clients. One wonders why this isn’t standard practice?

Hello Lamp Post bring audio information and live feedback to street furniture. Seems odd till you think about the context of tourism, and community engagement. Live with 25 cities in UK, Europe and USA.

WOTCH monetising content for professional content creators with initial influencers bringing a total of 50m followers to the platform. A proposition which just might prove successful for these entrepreneurs.

For more information on any of the above companies, please contact Stephen Bloch:


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