Our Role in Tackling the Coronavirus Crisis

Our Role in Tackling the Coronavirus Crisis

by Mark Selby, 16 March 2020

Like thousands of businesses in the UK and around the world, Innovation Warehouse is taking steps to adjust to the new reality of the Coronavirus outbreak.

We’re not immune to the effects of the growing pandemic – far from it – and as a coworking and investment community we’re already feeling the knock-on effects of changing habits and daily routines. But innovation and entrepreneurship will continue to have a home at our welcoming ecosystem above Farringdon’s Smithfield Market.

We’ve taken steps to change our ways of working, remove potential hazards in our workspace and create a safe space for our members and guests. Specifically, we are:

  • Putting more resource on repeatedly sanitising overlapping touch points, such as door handles, desktops, light switches and printers.
  • Sanitising meeting rooms between usage, as well as entrances, tables and chairs.
  • Routinely cleaning common areas that multiple people habitually touch – including the kitchen, dining area and open spaces.
  • Limiting the use of and removing various shared facilities, such as fridges, dishwashers, microwaves, kettles and toasters.
  • Replacing the reusable with the disposable, such as crockery and cutlery.

It is a shared social responsibility to ease pressure on the system and limit risk to the most vulnerable – that’s why we’re encouraging everybody to work remotely and only travel to the office if absolutely necessary. We’re practicing and encouraging social distancing, and expect others to act in a similarly responsible way within our space.

“I have been tweeting TV news programmes – begging the presenters to sit further apart – if not for anything else then just to set an example,” says Innovation Warehouse founder Ami Shpiro.

“We’re used to overcoming business/investment hurdles, but now we are faced by a completely different kind of challenge with the constantly unravelling news of COVID-19. It is affecting all of us, and we are responding in different ways. Understandably, and sensibly, some choose to stay home if they can function that way, and we totally respect that decision. It is good not only for them, but also places less strain on other resources.

“We take note of all the official advice and guidelines and, with some extra measures in place, we try to get on with our lives as best we can.”

We feel collectively responsible to do our part in this crisis, but Innovation Warehouse still needs to be here for those who need it. And we’ll be even more essential when London emerges from this crisis to a new era of entrepreneurship and growth.

For when people need face-to-face meetings and community spirit, we are keeping the space alive and safe to provide just that.