Startup Stories: LaunchPad Recruits uses video interviews to find hidden gems faster

by Bianca Anason, 23 October 2013

In this interview by Urban Times, the LaunchPad Recruits founder Will Hamilton explains how his online captured video interviewing platform is bringing recruitment into the 21st Century.

I first met Will Hamilton, the entrepreneur behind the innovative recruitment startup know as LaunchPad Recruits, at a startup accelerator in London. His company provided such a technological solution in a very simple way – allow candidates to submit video applications alongside their CV’s. I conducted this interview, to give him the opportunity to explain more.

What exactly is Launchpad?

Launchpad Recruits is an online captured video interviewing platform that helps employers make better and faster shortlisting decisions during their candidate screening process.

Using video interviews, LaunchPad Recruits moves employers beyond CV screening and reveals the person behind the paper, helping recruiters assess candidates’ true fit to their organisation and role.

And why does the recruitment industry need a Launchpad?

It’s important to view the recruitment industry through the lens of our nation’s economic context. Nowadays, it’s an unfortunate truth there are more and more people who need jobs and not necessarily enough jobs out there for everyone. As a result employers are simply overwhelmed by applications from candidates and this becomes beyond burdensome.

We offer the tools which bring personality and communication to the foreground, where beforehand these attributes would be discovered only after an employer has worked his way through a pile of paper CV’s. LaunchPad Recruits eliminateshours wasted interviewing the wrong candidates and delivers a streamlined shortlist allowing employers to get back to what they do best – running their companies.

What is your vision?

Our goal is to help recruiters reach effective hiring decisions more easily and faster

As a video recruitment technology company, our goal is to help recruiters reach effective hiring decisions more easily and faster thanks to our solutions.

We believe in the benefits of video for both employers and candidates; for employers, it’s a time saving, cost-efficient tool that will help them capture the people with the best fit for their companies without relying solely on their CVs.