Surfing the “Silver Tsunami” of the UK Longevity revolution

Surfing the “Silver Tsunami” of the UK Longevity revolution

by Mark Selby, 8 August 2018

An ageing population and historically low birth rates may place the UK squarely in the path of a “Silver Tsunami” that will increase demand for healthcare and other services, setting the stage for a wave of thriving tech startups – according to a new UK Longevity report by research group Deep Knowledge Analytics.

As part of the work underway at our AgeTech & Longevity Hub, Innovation Warehouse is proud to have contributed to this exhaustive report, which aims to outline the history, present state and future of the industry.

The report profiles hundreds of companies, investors, and trends, offering guidance on the optimal ways in which UK stakeholders, as well as government officials, can enable the industry to reach its full potential as a global longevity science and preventative medicine hub.

Giving UK-based tech firms a bird’s-eye view of Geroscience – AKA the science of ageing – is a key aim. The report outlines the main branches of study in this “longevity-progressive country” and introduces the key researchers active in the field.

“In this publication we examine how the United Kingdom in particular is equipped to weather its own incoming ‘Silver Tsunami’,” Deep Knowledge Analytics writes. “As a developed nation, the UK will be one of the first to have exponentially increasing levels of older people, as well as diminishing birth rates.”

“It is clear from our analysis both in the UK and globally, that the spheres of Finance, AI and Longevity, while most often being considered as separate industries with fairly little overlap, should in fact be more appropriately considered in combination and convergence.”

Click here to read the full Longevity report.

Innovation Warehouse wants to hear from early-stage technology companies looking to break into this exciting field, including products and services that tap into the ‘Silver Economy’, which includes, among others, independent living, Longevity and Geroscience.

Our angel investors typically offer seed funding in the £150k – £500k range, so get cracking on that all-important pitch and get in touch! If this sounds like you, read our blog entry about how emerging technologies such as AI, Robotics, Big Data and Wearables all have a major role to play.

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